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x Factory XF-I204 Rear Tower Brace Kit, TLR 22 3.0, Laydown Umbausatz

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Note to drivers attending the AE Race at Trackside November 3-6, 2016: JP Richards will have several I204 Rear Tower Brace Kits for sale.

This Infinity kit for the TLR 22 3.0 2wd buggy does two things: First, it allows you to mount the rear shocks to the front of the shocktower and arms; Second, it braces and strengthens the rear shocktower to reduce flex.

Initially developed by nationally-known TLR driver JP Richards, the final design touches were applied by X Factory engineer Paul Sinclair. JP and Paul agree that, in stock form, the flex allowed by the rear shocktower and rear control arms on the TLR 22 buggy limit the rear shock's ability to work. By moving the shocks forward and bracing the tower, the shock better controls the arm's motion. It pushes off jump faces harder and absorbs landings better. This modification also makes the car more consistent in corners, especially on power during corner exit.

Basically, you can push your TLR buggy Infinitely faster, through every corner and over every jump.

Please note: This kit ONLY fits buggies that have been equipped with TLR's laydown transmission kit. The location of the spur gear and top shaft will not allow you to move the shocks forward with the standup transmission.
This kit does two things:
  • Moves the rear shocks to the front of the shocktower/arms
  • Braces the shocktower to strengthen and eliminate flex
The benefits of these changes are noticeable:
  • Improved jumping capability, as the shock works more directly on the hub carrier/rear tires.
  • Improved landing ability, for the same reason
  • Better consistency through the corner, especially on power during corner exit. The car wants to "spin out" less as you apply power.