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Reedy BlackBox 41R Programmiergerät

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With the Blackbox PROgrammer, the full potential of the #27000 Blackbox ESC can be exploited. In addition to working as a programming device to fine-tune the eight pre-installed profiles, the PROgrammer operates as a data logger, battery monitor, and USB firmware update device.

Size (mm): 74 x 41 x 13.


Brake strength, frequency, curve, and drag brake can be fine tuned to change brake performance and feel in different vehicles and track conditions. The Speed Sensitive Drag Brake function allows for different drag brake settings and high and low speeds.


Frequency, punch, curve, and dead band make the perfect setup possible regardless of the type of motor chosen and the type of vehicle being raced.

Motor Power

Advanced acceleration boost and top speed timing settings are particularly useful on large tracks in applications such as 1/12 and 1/10 Touring Car and stock classes where ESC timing is permitted. Each setting can be used individually or together to achieve maximum speed.  If you choose to leave these settings disabled, the ESC will be operating as if it is in blinky mode.

Miscellaneous Control

Select between open, blinky, and practice modes depending upon the class being raced. Adjust the SBEC voltage to change servo speeds. Forward and reverse power can also be changed.


Select the desired low voltage cutoff or disable it completely. The temperature at which the ESC cuts motor power due to overheating can also be adjusted.